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I’m Monique Myhre and I specialize in supporting learning in a one on one setting.

I provide tools and strategies to adults and youth to more successfully manage time, tasks, and, well...life!  We call it executive functioning.  In addition, I teach and tutor students of French, often incorporating executive function strategies to learn to study more efficiently.


Executive Function Skills Training.  Learn to manage time effectively, track and meet deadlines, create more order, break out of procrastination, finish tasks and projects, support the working memory.


French Tutoring.  Join me to improve fluency in conversation and build proficiency in French by incorporating state-of-the-art executive function and study skills strategies.

Email me below and we can talk.

Studying not delivering results you want? Rather study smarter not harder?

I have strategies!

Tired of being late, losing things, missing deadlines?  Let's talk.  I can help.

Salut ça va?

Wish you could improve  your French pronunciation? Venez parler avec moi!

In memory of my table...where we used to sit face to face.  Someday we will again!

Paris in front of the Louvre! 2010

No space is unworthy of beauty in Paris!  Do you recognize these steps up to Monmartre?

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Margo G.

Monique Myhre


Beaverton, OR

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