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Executive Function Skills Course

Need help for yourself or your student with Executive Function Skills? You've come to the right place. I would be honored to equip and encourage you toward success!


Do you connect with these statements? 

  • Always late? 

  • Missing deadlines?

  • Lose track of stuff?

  • Want more peace and less stress?

If so, consider learning new ways in this course. I also coach one on one. Read on...

I absolutely love teaching this course because it empowers!

Seeing My Time® is a 9 week course that offers so much more than calendars and lists!  Marydee Sklar’s systematic, incremental approach helps us understand our brains and lays a foundation to rebuild life-changing confidence. The interactive workbook is

designed to be visual, supporting various learning challenges including dyslexia. Images, sketches and tangible tools lead the learning (as opposed to reading a text).

  • Learn to think differently about the passage of time

  • Equip yourself to manage life’s incessant flow of tasks and responsibilities

  • For adults and children 11 years and up

  • On-going support/tutoring available beyond course if desired

Executive function skills don't come naturally to many of us (myself included).

   For more info click here:




 Course textbook

Executive Function Skills:

  • time management

  • goal-directed persistence

  • sustained attention

  • working memory

  • planning & prioritizing

  • organization

  • task initiation

  • controlling emotions

  • response inhibition

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