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Meet Monique!

Like my mother before me, I thrive on teaching and setting my students on a path to developing their God-given potential.  I have met my aim if they walk away motivated and better equipped to learn and study on their own.  Shaping their mindset toward learning and equipping them with tools to be lifelong learners is another of my great joys!  For more on Study Skills and Executive Function training go to: 



I count it an immense privilege to work as a mentor, leader and motivator of learners and I take it very seriously.  


Come to my table and learn with me!


I'm a Teacher/Tutor/Mentor at heart.  

I teach:  Executive Function Skills, 

French and Study Skills 

The rest of the story...

I started teaching at 14 and have never stopped. 

  • I love sharing information, asking probing questions and watching lights come on in students’ minds.  

  • I love the challenge of making learning fun and engaging for each student.

  • My approach is always student-centered and together we build the curriculum in a logical sequence, according to the student’s goals.  

French was my first language, until at the age of 5, I refused to speak it anymore, much to the chagrin of my dear French mother!  However, I picked it up again in high school, then spent a year studying in southern France which nicely re-calibrated my speaking skills. The accent was deeply embedded in my brain and I went on to earn a bachelors in French. It’s great to be bi-lingual and I love to inspire others to strive for fluency.  

In addition to French, I also studied Child Development where I learned how to monitor students’ developmental needs and strengths, then design individualized curriculum accordingly. This methodology has served me well for 35+ years working in the arena of tailored learning.  


When I'm Not Teaching...

  • You might find me reading a cookbook or preparing some yummy food—hopefully for visitors as well as my husband of 35 years.  

  • I also relish hiking, picking local produce, sewing a quick project, putzing in the garden, or taking a long vigorous walk with a friend!  

  • Prayer is another passionate activity in my days, and I’m convinced it’s a significant way I can contribute to other people’s lives.  

  • I also love to study the Bible and many other books; the local library is one of my regular haunts.

  • I love to learn! There is no end to new and interesting things to learn about.

  • I never tire of meeting new people or trying new ethnic flavors.  


I look forward to meeting you!

Academic & Work Experience

  • My college tutoring job included excellent training as a professional tutor for French, ESL and academic skills counseling.

  • I developed for myself, a year-long K-12 ESL internship, with graduate coursework, adding to my foundation for individualized teaching.   

  • After college, my experiences have included: Head Start, various kid’s classes, adult workshops, local public speaking engagements, small discussion groups and many mentoring relationships.

  • I spent 17 years homeschooling my own two daughters. 

  • More recently, teaching one-on-one and small classes at the Alliance Française of Portland.

  • Graduate level training in Time Management, Planning & Organization Skills through Executive Functioning Success, where I also teach.

  •  35+ years working in tailored learning ; teaching exclusively one on one settings, private lessons and small group gatherings.

  • References available upon request.

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