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Executive Function FAQ's

This 10 week course is a systematic approach to improving your brain’s Executive Functions.

Q  What will I (we) learn in Seeing My Time®?

A   A whole new mindset about to get things done and let go of guilt!

  • Begin to see time in tangible ways

  • Develop a greater sense of time passing

  • Understand how and why we estimate time needed for projects/tasks

  • What drives procrastination and practical steps to overcome it

  • How to break free from the 'tyranny of the urgent’

  • To strategically turn hopeful goals into accomplished realities

  • More realistic self-imposed expectations around the process of actually changing habits

  • To support your brain's weaker Executive Functions (discover which tools are best for you)

  • To capitalize on your brain's strong Executive Functions

  • To support your child's brain as it grows and develops new skills over time

  • Fascinating tidbits of neuroscience and insights into how the brain learns and remembers

Q   What are Executive Function Skills? (EFS)

A    EF skills make up the brain's ability to execute and accomplish the things expected of us.

For example:

  • estimating, prioritizing and planning time to get things done

  • gaining greater awareness and developing better control over emotional reactions

  • learning to self-advocate to get questions answered when you need help

  • and more...

Q   When do I use my Executive Function Skills?

A    Every day!

  • writing reports

  • planning out multi-faceted projects

  •  juggling crazy family schedules

  • getting homework done and turned in  

We all have things to accomplish, but underdeveloped EF skills can make it hard to get it all done in a peaceful, systematic way.

Q   Why is this so important?

A    Life is stressful and discouraging when you're one of those folks who's always late, always losing things, and often failing to meet the expectations of others.

When you understand your brain better then you can:

  • approach your particular time challenges with a fresh perspective

  • discover how to capitalize on your strong skills and support your weaker skills

  • wouldn't you like to stop saying 'I'm so sorry...I lost track of time' or 'I can’t find it…?'

  •  learn new ways to arrive on time

  • develop systems to keep track of stuff

  • establish a new reputation as someone who is consistent, reliable and on track

Q   How can this training make a difference?

A    Seeing My Time® takes a unique approach because we incrementally introduce small but powerful new perspectives. It’s like having a coach cheering you on!

  • we come alongside you and show you in very practical ways how to take simple steps toward lasting change

  • you will learn how to form new habits slowly over time

  • set a new step by step trajectory toward your goals and dreams

  • you can think differently about time and learn to make choices differently

Q   Is it truly possible to unlearn old habits and sort my chaos into a more orderly life?

A   YES! No doubt, changing our habits takes commitment! But it is possible, if you're willing to:

  • diligently assume a new posture in daily routines

  •  give it time, and be patient with yourself


Is this just another workshop on making lists and using calendars? 

A   No.  It's more about how you think!  Develop a deeper level of self-awareness and what drives your moment-by-moment decisions.

  •  create new pathways in your brain to think differently about how you approach tasks, time, and the 'stuff' around you

  •  strengthen and support new skills for time management, planning and organization

Who can take this course?

A   Adults and children 5th grade (11years) and older.  Children and teens can only take the course with a parent, not by themselves.  (more below)

  • more is expected of pre-teens and they are often not equipped to meet those expectations 

  • parents take this course to learn how to support their young people's new skills

  • they also learn strategies they can use to shape family-wide routines for better household order

  • finally, parents learn fresh ideas to help shift their parenting into a new mode toward fostering greater independence

Why do kids need these skills?

A   Pre-teens and adolescents are expected to manage homework assignments, project deadlines, and myriad papers going to and from school.  Without help, many students struggle to keep track of it all!  

With weekly support, handy tools, and new strategies, your child can:

  • be better equipped to meet those expectations

  • remember the things they have to do

  • get the work actually turned-in, and on time

  • be recognized for their hard work

  • keep track of the many places they want to be

Will this help my child grow up?

A   It certainly can! With these tools children can learn to make better choices, plan ahead with responsibilities and may even feel empowered to take initiative to tackle some goals of their own!

As students learn to plan backwards according to their priorities, they can make better decisions. 

For example:

  • I really want to go to the basketball game at 5pm, so

  • I'm going to make sure I get my homework done by 4pm and then

  • I’ll have time to eat and get ready so I can leave by 4:45pm 


Why can't I just drop off my child/teenager?

A   After 20+ years of experience, the creator of this program, Marydee Sklar, has found that for maximum success it's best to enroll kids with at least one parent who is present in class and supports the child's learning process. 

Here's why:

  • lifestyle habits, and mindsets around managing our time and our stuff, are deeply ingrained in families

  • natural tendencies and talents also run in families

  • if a parent is naturally musical or mechanically-minded, it's likely a child will be too

  • brain skills such as a good sense of time or poor sense of direction can also be inherited

  • a parent's role in this course is not only to support their child, but to learn and grow as well

It's a WIN/WIN all around as the whole family benefits and learns new skills!


How can I, as an adult, benefit from this course?

A   Seeing My Time® introduces strategies that simply make life work better, even for adults! 

Do you ever feel like you're rushing forward juggling life on a moving sidewalk, and you just wish you could stop to catch your breath? 

  • How many balls can you keep in the air? 

  • Are you watching them drop and wondering what to do? 

  • Wouldn't you like to get a better handle on your time and your life? 

What's the time commitment for the course? 

A   I'll spend 10 weeks with you to teach our material, meeting once per week. 

It will take a little extra time each week to incorporate some small, incremental changes into your —life—but the time you save NOT searching for things, and the energy you save NOT stressing over deadlines, will more than make up for it! 

I would be happy to continue to meet for ongoing tutoring to maintain long term support and encouragement. 

I will cheer you on! RA   RA!!

 Change takes time, but little by little, it can happen in a BIG way.

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