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Foundations for a Healthy Lifestyle

Expand awareness of the power of daily choices for health.

"...a good balance of informative, challenging, and fun." E.K.


  • Are you looking for someone else to motivate and inspire your high school student toward better health choices and lifestyle management?

  • Would you like them to be better informed about key elements to a healthy lifestyle and threats to their health? 

Purpose of this Course: To expand the student’s awareness of how daily choices affect their bodies, and to challenge and motivate them to be more proactive for their own health.  My number one goal is that they walk away with an empowered sense of owning their health decisions!

Each class period will include discussion of homework or presentation of projects, some hands on group activities, a spiritual component, as well as my comments, and often—food samples! Sampling foods is a highlight of our time together as we practice tasting and making observations, comparing subtle differences and discovering new favorites!


Basic biology is recommended, but not required before taking this class.  Students will gain a deeper understanding of how the body systems work together and how all these things affect how we feel.   They will have opportunities to examine their current lifestyle choices and be challenged to set goals and intentionally hone those choices for better long term health. 

We will base our studies around four main topics: food, exercise, sleep and protecting ourselves from hazards we may commonly encounter.  These hazards may include such things as: drugs, addiction issues, dangers/challenges in relationships and self-defense; poor time management which wreaks havoc and increases stress.  As part of our discussions about managing stress and anxiety, we will incorporate study skills and time management lessons. Specifics on these syllabus choices will be determined based on input from parents and a pre-class survey that all students will take prior to beginning this course.  Content will be tailored to students enrolled.

Winter-Spring 2019 Calendar:  13 weeks

  • Week of Feb.3- Week of May 5, 120 minute classes, once/week

  • Tuesdays 3-5pm (other days might be available upon request)

Registration Basics:

  • Secure your spot with $25.00 non-refundable deposit by Jan.20, 2019

  • Minimum class size is 6, maximum 10

  • Students should be 14, or doing high school-level school work

  • I do provide grades for this class

  • Fees include preparation, teaching, grading time and copies

  • Basic fees vary with number of students enrolled in each class (see chart)

Rates for 13 weeks of ‘Foundations of Healthy Lifestyle’ plus $8.00 fee to cover food  & copies


# of Students              Total Fees for Semester

 6                                   $ 171.00 + 8.00=          $179.00

 7                                   $ 147.00 + 8.00=          $155.00

 8                                   $ 135.00 + 8.00=          $143.00

 9                                   $ 120.00 + 8.00=         $129.00

10                                  $ 114.00 + 8.00=         $122.00


“Work Study” Scholarship available for one student per semester per class.  Every hour worked earns $10.00 of class fees in one semester.  I need one student or parent to help with website updates and possibly simple book-keeping and one to help with yard work (heavy lifting, digging, etc.)  Subject to interview process and mutually agreed-upon ‘fit’ for tasks needed.

Grading: I provide grades based on an average of all assignments, projects and periodic un-announced quizzes

Homework:  Please plan on 3-5 hours of homework per week.  This will consist of reading, reviewing material and doing projects.We will have fun exploring together but the level of work expected will meet high school standards.We will cover approximately 1/3-1/2 of the text: Total Health by Susan Boe.

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