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Study Skills Workshop

  • Take notes you can use!

  • Use those notes to master the material.

  • Prepare for tests efficiently for your best results. 

  • Maximize 

I'm excited to offer elementary, middle school and high school beginning French lessons, all levels conversation groups, and one on one tutoring.

  •  To schedule a free 30 minute consultation, send me a quick email

  • To participate in an organized poll for scheduling, email me below and request a link to!  You'll be part of the process of setting up times that work for you and potential classmates, if you desire a group setting.

  • Adults and youth, if you have a fellow budding francophone who wants to join you, that means the tutoring fee split in half! What a deal!  Gather 3 or more friends and  group rates will drop your cost even more!

I look forward to meeting you!

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